Spray Ball Car Ride for Sale

The spray ball car ride, which is also called happy spray ball car or joy spray ball car and is a knowledge of new amusement park rides for kids and is especially welcomed by many kids and their parents. The spray ball car is mainly suitable for kids of 4 to 10 years old. Just like the amusement park trains with track for kids, this kids car rides is also composed of 4 to 6 cars and track. So, the kids riding on the cars can rotate along the track. However, the spray ball car adds some other entertainments to the games to increase much more pleasures and attract more visitors, which has broken the monotonous and dull entertainment model of the traditional and ordinary track amusement rides. When the power is on and presses the button, the spray ball car rides start to move. Then, the cars can travel along the track, while the middle part of the kids rides can spray colorful balls at the same time. The passengers on the moving cars will and can catch or play the balls with the net or by hand. Meanwhile, with the music playing device, the park equipment for kids also can play beautiful music to attract kids’ attention

As the spray ball car starts moving, on one hand, the ride can travel along the track and spray colorful balls constantly; on the other hand, kiddies or adults on the rides can catch the balls by hand or with the net. Therefore, the family ride can exercise the hand-eye coordination of all the riders. During the whole process, riders are moving with jumping balls aside and accompanied with beautiful music. It looks very interesting and can attract a lot more visitors. What’s more, our spray ball car rides for kids are produced with the highest quality raw materials with the advanced technologies, which can guarantee the excellent quality and longer service life of this kiddie rides. Welcome to contact us to purchase cheap spray ball car ride for sale from Beston amusement.