Rotary Octopus Rides for Sale

The rotary octopus rides are a kind of fairly popular and welcomed octopus-shaped amusement park rides for all kids and adults. Beston manufactures and supplies this top quality rotary octopus rides for sale with the very economical prices, which are very popular in amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, carnival, fair and fairground and other public places. In general, there are five to eight arms which are attached to the central axis. What’s more, there are three cabins on each arm of the kiddie octopus rides and each cabin can accommodate 2 passengers. So, this outdoor kiddie rides generally can contain at least 30 passengers.

octopus fairground ride
BKR-ROR Quality Octopus Amusement Park Ride for Sale in Beston

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As for motion of this kids rides, the arms of the polyp octopus rides for kids can spin and move up and down in random and at the same time, the fiberglass cabins at the end of the arms will spin around the rotary bolts. Besides, the middle parts of the octopus rides (Octopus head, Spider cylinder object, and so on) also can move somehow. When the passengers are sitting in the cabins, they will take a complete rotation on fiberglass cabin with lifting movement. The whole process is powered by the electric motors. Therefore, the rotary octopus rides can attract a large number of visitors for the parks to bring in a lot of money.

octopus carnival ride
BKR-ROR Hot Sale Octopus Fair Ride Cheap in Beston Amusement

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Beston octopus rides are manufactured with high-quality raw materials: fiberglass reinforced glasses (FRP) and stainless steel. The thickness of our fiberglass is 5mm to 8mm. Besides, Beston has our own baking finish house, which can make the fiberglass look like more shinning and smooth. And it also has the characteristics of novel design, unique structure, attractive shape, friendly environment, excellent quality, corrosion resistant, great music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, and timing functions and lower maintenance rate. Most importantly, Beston can promise the long service life and excellent quality after-sales services. Beston has highly experienced and skilled workforce and is renowned as one of the well-equipped manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of rotary octopus rides and various other kids amusement park ride in China to the countries and areas all over the world.

octopus ride for sale
BKR-ROR Beston Octopus Ride for Sale to Purchase for Kids

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Main Advantages of Beston Rotary Octopus Rides:

1. Easy to operation, only need 1 person to operate the control box.
2. Have beautiful music, gorgeous LED lights, positioning, and timing functions
3. Most popular and welcomed outdoor rotary kids rides mainly for children and adults.
4. Suit for a theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard, amusement park playground, tourist attraction and so on.
5. Manufactured with Fiber Reinforced Plastic, making this kiddie rides totally durable and firm, safe, environmental, erosion-resisting and highly stable.
6. The octopus rides can experience cannot only make passengers feel happy and funny but also can experience thrills of rotation movements to stimulate people to feel relaxed.

Best Selling Rotary Octopus Rides to Buy from Beston Group:

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octopus fair ride
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