Kiddie Fight Shark Island Rides for sale

Fight shark island rides, one of the most popular kinds of kiddie amusement park rides is a kind of newly designed rotary amusement rides for kids which can usually accommodate 24 passengers. And it is suitable for the all the age groups, from the small kids to the young people and the old. Especially, you can seen the whole family group to join in the games. As for this type of kiddie rides, it is usually composed of various sea animals, such as several vivid sharks, dolphins as well as different types of other fishes. When the whole kids rides start rotating, different kinds of dolphins or fishes begin to rotate around the big sharks in the middle. This will seem like all riders are wondering in the blue sea fighting with the animal. Besides, there are guns on the different animals riders sitting in. During the park equipment are rotating, all passengers in the dolphins and fishes can shoot the all targets on the shark islands by the guns water pistols or laser shooting. As long as the targets are shot, the sea animal will make all kinds of funny action, such as hands up, spraying water, shaking body etc. What’s more, the Mr. Shark in the middle can also emit the water column to attack the passengers, making the visitors enjoy more pleasures and better participate in the games. The whole process are accompanied with beautiful and familiar music. It is interesting and thrilling. In this fight shark island rides, riders can experience great fun, fully enjoy and relax themselves, improve the feelings with their family members and so on. Beston group, the most professional and welcomed manufacturer and supplier of various kiddie rides for sale, offers superior quality fight shark island rides for sale for kids at a lower prices in China.

Beston Kids Fight Shark Island Rides for Sale
BKR-FSI Beston Kids Fight Shark Island Rides for Sale

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Like other kiddie rides in Beston, the fighting shark on the islands is also manufactured with the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and stainless steel, And all the vivid characters or figures in the shark islands are painted with the non-fading and durable painting. Therefore, Beston kiddie shark islands have the advantages of superior quality, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, novel design, unique structure, saving energy, beautiful appearance and long-lasting. Please contact us to buy fight shark island rides or other kids amusement rides when you are looking for some rides for your parks. Beston group is your ideal selection for your investment in any kinds of parks.

BKR-FSI Beston Kids Fight Shark Island Rides for Sale
BKR-FSI Beston Kids Fight Shark Island Rides for Sale

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