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Kiddie rides are the kinds of rides that are generally suitable for those small kiddies who are not quite ready for the large mechanical rides or thrill rides. Beston group can supply a wide variety of models of kid amusement park rides and attractions. And Beston is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various kiddie rides for sale to export and transport to countries and areas all over the world, which has been found several years. Originally, Beston mainly manufactures the small kiddie amusement rides to some of the foreign countries. With the rapid development of the past several years, Beston has been the leader in bringing affordable thrill rides, family, and kiddie entertainment to people of China and a large amount of other foreign countries. Beston has never stopped designing, introducing and manufacturing new amusement park rides and more and more kiddie carnival rides has been introduced to the market. Until now, Beston can supply more than 100 types of thrilling, family and kiddie amusement rides and attractions, as well as various inflatables throughout the world. The manufacturing Factory of Beston amusement equipment is in Xingyang City, Henan Province and covers more than ten thousand square meters. Some of the popular amusement rides manufactured and supplied by Beston are as follows:

Thrill Rides: surf’s up ride, disco ride, frog and kangaroo Hopper rides, frisbee ride, roller coaster, wacky worm roller coaster and fruit worm roller coaster, slide dragon mini roller coaster, pirate ship ride, disco tagada ride, wave swinger, jumping and smile rides, ferris ring car rides, rockin tug rides, human gyroscope rides, robot rides, etc.
Family and Kids Rides: ferris wheel, kiddie carousel rides, kangaroo jump rides, bumper car, samba balloon ride, tea cup ride, mini ferris wheel, trackless train, amusement park electric train rides with track, le bar car rides, spray ball car, fight shark islands, ocean walk rides, rotary bee rides, self-control kiddie plane rides, rotary octopus rides, happy jellyfish rides, plastic playground slides, etc.

The followings are the most welcomed kiddy rides in Beston:

kiddie train rides for sale

Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Here, Beston will introduce you some basic knowledge about our amusement park trains with track in detail. An amusement park ...
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Bumper Cars for sale

Bumper cars (also referred to as the dodgem cars in British, and also known as bumping cars and dashing cars') ...
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Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

In the fast-moving world, many people still can not refuse the magic power of the carousels rides nowadays, from the ...
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trackless trains for sale

Trackless Trains for Sale

A trackless train is a kind of miniature train rides without track for kids which can be capable of carrying ...
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Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, is one of the famous and professional amusement rides manufacturers in China and Beston is always in the leading position of entertainment equipment industry. With decades years of designing and manufacturing experience of various amusement park rides, Beston amusement has been the expert in designing and producing all types of thrill rides, mechanical rides, theme park rides, family rides and kiddie rides. What's more, Beston Co., Ltd. has never stop to improve the existed amusement park rides. At the same time, research and design the new type amusement park equipment. Now, Beston can manufacture and supply more than dozens of types amusement park rides to many countries and areas at home and abroad. Besides, Beston can customize a particular and unique amusement park rides for all of our ...
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Main Kiddie Rides from Beston Amusement:

disco amusement park rides prices

Disco Rides for Sale

Beston manufactures and supplies the disco rides for sale with excellent quality and competitive prices, which is the most popular and welcomed big amusement park equipment in the amusement parks and theme parks. It is ...
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3D space ring ride supplier

Human Gyroscope for sale

Human gyroscope rides, first appear in the market in the end of 2009 and by now, it is still the new park rides to some people. Human gyroscope has some other names: 3D space ring ...
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Hello Kitty Themed Happycar Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement

Le Bar Car Rides for Sale

Le bar car is a kind of popular high-tech entertainment or attraction of new generation which are designed, developed and manufactured independently in Beston amusement equipment. The Le bar car rides belong to the newly ...
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Samba Balloon Ride for sale

Beston supplies top quality samba balloon ride for sale with a competitive price. The samba balloon rides is also called balloon race or hot-air balloon rides. And it is a kind of popular small size ...
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carousel animals for sale

Small Carousel for Sale

If you are looking for a small carousel sale for kiddies with the features of designed exclusively, dependable and absolutely fantastic looking for your location, Beston amusement is the ideal and primary selection for you ...
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quality disco tagada rides for sale

Tagada Ride for sale

The TAGADA, which is also called Disco Tagada, Disco Turntable or Space Disco, is a kind of commonly seen big-size amusement park rides with high-speed rotation and ups and downs. It is usually applied to ...
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kiddie train rides for sale

Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Here, Beston will introduce you some basic knowledge about our amusement park trains with track in detail. An amusement park train with track is a kind of popular amusement park rides which always serve for ...
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Bumper Cars for sale

Bumper cars (also referred to as the dodgem cars in British, and also known as bumping cars and dashing cars') is a kind of popular small mechanical rides for kiddies and families. Generally, this park ...
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top supplier of various amusement rides for kids

Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Jellyfish rides or happy jellyfish, are a small or medium amusement park equipment for kids, and it is designed on the foundation of the samba balloon rides. The motion of the happy jellyfish is similar ...
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BKR-FSI Beston Kids Fight Shark Island Rides for Sale

Kiddie Fight Shark Island Rides for sale

Fight shark island rides, one of the most popular kinds of kiddie amusement park rides is a kind of newly designed rotary amusement rides for kids which can usually accommodate 24 passengers. And it is ...
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octopus carnival ride

Rotary Octopus Rides for Sale

The rotary octopus rides are a kind of fairly popular and welcomed octopus-shaped amusement park rides for all kids and adults. Beston manufactures and supplies this top quality rotary octopus rides for sale with the ...
Lower Prices
hot sale ocean walk ride from Beston

Ocean Walk Ride for Sale

The ocean walk ride is a beautiful spinning kiddie rides which is very popular and welcomed because of the attractive appearance, novel design and unique structure. Beston ocean walk rides has many beautiful and attractive ...
Lower Prices

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Kiddie rides are commonly seen in the amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, indoor and outdoor playground, squares, arcades, malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount department stores and perhaps in some other venues such as restaurants, food courts, grocery shops and auto dealerships. In our daily, we can see children’s fairground rides everywhere. However, maybe you just know some of the kids rides and know little about the working principles, the structures, the categories and some other details. Now, here, Beston will introduce you some information about the kiddie rides and if you want to know more or plan to buy some, you can contact us immediately, and our professional sales manager are ready for the reply you instantly online.

Firstly, you may want to the main categories of the kiddie rides. The most common seen may be the coin operated kids rides. As soon as you put a coin into the game and it is activated, then riders will enjoy the motion of the coin operated ride, such as mini ferris wheel, small carousel rides, mini train rides, arcades, and so on. Mostly, the rides are featured with the flashing LED lights, the beautiful music, colorful appearance, and so on.

Kids maybe like the spinning amusement park rides, which are widely applied in the amusement parks and other theme parks. Because it is mainly designed for kids, those rides are often decorated with cute, vivid and colorful cartoon characters, such as elephant, horse, sea animals, dolphin, shark, octopus, mermaid, balloons, planes, bees, bears, sheep, and so on. Besides, some rotary kids amusement rides also can go up and down when it is spinning, increasing the thrill and exciting feelings. And it may include kiddie carousels, samba balloon rides, disco tagada rides, tea cup rides, chair swing rides, amusement park track trains, rotary octopus rides, mechanical shark island ride, happy jellyfish rides, ocean walk rides, kangaroo jump rides, spray ball rides, pirate ship rides, mini pendulum rides and so on.

The tourist rides are also preferred by people. This kind of rides can lift passengers to a certain height to seen the beautiful scenery far away or can take people anywhere they want to appreciate the scenery in the parks or resorts. We suggest the kiddie ferris wheel, trackless trains, spacewalk rides, mini roller coasters, happy car rides, robot amusement rides, etc.

Some track rides for kids, such as kids train rides with track, surfer up rides, disco rides, rockin tug rides(mini flying car rides), kids roller coaster like wacky worm rides and fruit worm rides, mini shuttle, slide dragon rides, space walk rides, and so on.

There are also some special rides which are loved by kids, such as the bumper cars, a car bump into another car, a different thrilling experience from other rides. The space ball rides let you experience the weightless feeling when exercising astronaut. And there are also a lot more types of indoor amusement rides and water amusement park rides for kids in Beston group for you to choose.

Self Control Rotary Kiddie Rides for Sale:

Self Control Flying Kiddie Elephant Rides for Sale

Kiddie Flying Elephant Rides for Sale

Just like our self control plane rides, one of the most popular kiddie rides in Beston, our kiddie flying elephant ...
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BKR-P24 Hot Sale Self Control Rotary rotary Plane Rides in Beston

Kiddie Plane Rides for sale

Beston designs and manufactures various types of self control rotary/spinning rides for kids. And the self control kiddie plane rides ...
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hot sale self control rotary kiddie flying sheep and bear rides cheap from Beston

Self Control Flying Sheep and Bear Rides for Sale

The flying sheep and bear ride for kids  is a kind of flat and rotary kiddie rides manufactured in Beston ...
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BKR-RB16 Self Control Rotary Bee Rides for Kids for Sale

Self Control Rotary Bee Rides for sale

Beston rotary bee rides are also known for the other names: self control bee and are fairly welcomed among children ...
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And the above is our self-control rotary kiddie rides and the main feature is: the rides are rotating while the riders themselves can control the rides to go up and down according to their willingness. Most kids are attracted by the auto-control rides firstly they see it because the cool appearance, such as the aircraft, bees, flying elephant, bear and sheep. After riding on the game, they want to have a try again and will never forget it. Kids can control the rides themselves when it is spinning. They feel they are flying in the blue sky by plane or animals and the feelings are beyond their imagination.

Beston has been specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying various kiddie rides with lower prices for many years. Many customers throughout the world would like to choose Beston group as their primary selection when looking to purchase some amusement park equipment for their parks or to build and design their theme parks. So why so many customers love to choose BESTON to supply park rides for kids?

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